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Mindstep clinical validation to detect anxiety & depression.

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Preliminary validation study of the Mindset4Dementia app...

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Approval of the Mindstep app into the NHS app library

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Olivia Pounds
“Mindstep’s anxiety series brings together the most scientifically informed, self-help anxiety strategies, all in one place. These are in an easy-to-follow format, where you are supported alongside a psychologist.”
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David Howell
Chess Grandmaster
“Mindstep's commitment to a scientifically rigorous approach whilst also taking a fun, positive approach to brain care is what drew me to this project.”
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Dr Mo Mahmud
NHS Registrar Neurologist
"The Mindstep care series builds from a robust screening tool to target cognitive domains that can be affected in individuals such as in anxiety and depression."
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Dr Alex George UK Gov Ambassador for Mental Health
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